Poet’s Legacy Lives On in a Splendid-Spun Anthology 

A literary interplay of lyrical prose and metrical verses harmoniously weave together in Tapestries of Life’s Poetries, a posthumous anthology craftily weaved by poet Anthony Urzia. Like an orchestra conductor flawlessly leading a symphony of rhymes, tempos and stanzas , Urzia regales the readers with one poem after the other.

Nancy Urzia, the poet’s mother , wrote in the volume’s introduction that her son has always wanted to become a writer.”He has written so many beautiful and touching pieces of poetry,”she further explained.”My son got lost and found his way back. During those dark times his writing was his comfort zone that leads him back to sanity. His works talks about his suffering and torment as he struggled in his desire to be free of pain. Like any other, he was searching for answers and sought guidance in religion. He sought motivation by reading the Bible. He became spiritual.”

In”Majestica,”Urzia transports the reader to a kingdom of majesty/filled with demonic travesty/a world filled with dragons and dolphins/and a God’s arm that is open. An equally stunning piece of micro fiction also comes in the collection with the same title. A warrior wishes to retire with his one true love in”Heroes Lament”- I will be led by faith and follow The Lord/ one day I will find my true love/I shall quit my fighting for her/ so I don’t die by the sword.

Both the lyrical and spiritual are traversed by Urzia in the interstices of Tapestries of Life’s Poetries . Urzia’s legacy certainly lives on in this heartfelt and honest anthology. 


HEROES LAMENT:Poem from the book Tapestries of Life’s Poetries :by Anthony Urzia:

A warrior wishes to retire with his one true love.

I look up to the sad night sky .Dreaming about having a loyal companion, To wich I will cherish to the end of my days , I will not cry for I am a champion. The love inside of me can move planets and stars , I am true and have no lustful desire , For lust is a sin and God I will please , My heart is not made of ice , or made of fire .

I will never bring my love any harm or unjust, To my unfound princess of light, Honours and rispect is what flows through my veins , Adam and Eve’s ancient sin I will fight. Make a wish on a lonely shooting star , I will be led by faith and follow The Lord , One day I will find my true love , I shall quit my fighting for her, so I don’t die by the sword.

Salvation:Poem by Anthony Urzia

I have risen from the depths of Hell. And climbed an angelic Heaven, I have learned not to sin again, or mock the wise seven . For every secret in this world, for every decree unturned. If I were to go to Hell again I would surely be left there to burn . Though I prayed to a higher power , few could have ordained . The higher power healed my soul, that only I could contain. For now I find the bible I read , is powerful in every verse. The gift of salvation cannot be broken, it cannot be reversed . If I were to die now my soul would transcend into the Heavenly realm where the love would never end !

Why I chose to publish these poems

After years of drug abuse and suffering from a mental illness , my son’s life was turned up side down . He was always depressed and didn’t have any interest about anything . He couldn’t work , he was on a lot of medication and was very unhappy with his life and decided he wanted to make some changes . He knew what needed to be done . He started with a seven days detox program followed by rehabilitation . My son tried many times but never accomplished what he was aiming for , to be free from drugs . After every admission into a recovering program he would come home and relapse . My son relapsed multiple times . Relapse is a long and often painful process . My son was always in pain , he would often say to me that his body was aching everywhere and for him to get through he needed some painkillers . He would often express all this to his doctors and psychiatrist , but they wouldn’t take him serious because he was suffering from a mental illness they thought he didn’t know what he was talking about and he just wanted more medication to get high . This went on for a few years , that’s when my son decided to write about the pain and suffering he was going through . He wrote many poetries and was hoping to publish them one day . My son wanted to get his message across without having to repeat himself over and over again .

On the 7th of November 2011 my son went in his room got on the computer and printed his poetries from his website puts them in a folder and said , ‘Mum, they’re for you . I looked at him a bit strange and asked , what am I supposed to do with them? My son replied ,’Mum,  you know what to do with them one day . I thought my son had gone insane . I know now my son knew about him going to die .

Sadly on the 23rd of November 2011 at the age of 25 my son passed away . The death of a son or daughter is an unimaginable and unmeasurable loss no parent ever expected to face . No one can truly understand the grief unless they have lived themselves My son’s death was so sudden , I wasn’t prepared for it because he wasn’t sick. His death was a big shock to everyone . My grief was so intense , long- lasting and complex . He was the focus of my life , and his death left me a huge void in my daily routine , wich adds to my grief and feeling of loss . After my son passed away I was going downhill so fast and missing my son so bad , I was hurting everywhere . I didn’t care if I lived or died , many times I wished that I died with him . Part of me did die .

All my family and friends were aware of my son’s poetries . They said to me that there are messages in those poems and they needed to be delivered to the world , since my son was never given the opportunity to publish them himself why don’t I do it for him . I thought about it and decided against it because I had no idea about publishing , dint know how or where to start I thought it would be too hard , and at the same time I was very emotional , I didn’t care about anything apart from losing my beautiful son .

Wow what happens next is unbelievable . I started to dream of my son constantly . In my dreams I was always lost , my son would appear and say don’t worry I’ll get you out from here and he would show me the way and he tells me not to be scared , in some other dreams he takes me to printing places , there was posters , newspapers , SMS , satellite . I started thinking about my dreams and come to the conclusion that my son wanted his poetries published and I chose to do that . After publishing my son’s Poetries I never had another dream of him ever again. My son has left behind a written legacy intended to help and inspire others . His legacy lives on as a gift to us all .

What makes someone a writer and a poet?

A writer is not just someone that writes . A writer is a person who uses written words in different styles and uses different techniques to communicate and express their ideas . Writers write about many different things such as novels , short stories , plays , essays, even reports and news articles . Some writers write about crime fiction , historical romances and so much more . A writer has passion and enthusiasm for writing . Writers have egos and desire to see their words in print . They want to write words that change people’s lives . They want to be read , and for all this to happen their writing needs to be out there in the world .

Writers don’t write just now and then , they write everyday . They write anywhere and everywhere . A writer’s soul is filled with words . They scribble endlessly on scrap paper . They write during their lunch breaks , they sit in front of their computer for about 20 hours at a time . Sometimes their words are pleasing to other people and they think that is good , but they still write when they are not . Writers value writing because it reveals the personal choices a writer has made and thereby reveals something of their habits of mind , their ability to connect and shape ideas .

Writing is decision making . In order to get something on the page , a writer has to choose the words , the order of the words in the sentence and then the grouping of sentences into a paragraph . They make choices and decisions almost all day long about many things . Writing can be an interesting and challenging act .

There are good and bad writers . The difference has little to do with skills . It has to do with perseverance . Bad writers quit too soon . Good writers keep going , that’s all there is to it . Good writers practise , they take time to write , crafting and editing a piece until it’s just right . They spend hours and days just revising . Good writers take criticism , and they use it all to make their work better . Bad writers don’t understand this .

A poet is a person who writes poems , and may simply be a writer  of poetry as well , it is a person with great imagination and creativity . Poets are very sensitive beings , to the world that surrounds them , to the people and nature . A poet could be anyone , but what unites them is the passion to captivate people through their artistic language , to give readers a glimpse of the world the way the poet sees it .

Poems are collection of words that expresses ideas or emotions and they come in many different forms .There are so many different kinds of poems that it is difficult to define the words .  Poetry expresses meaning with beauty , style and feeling . Poetry is an expression of the heart and soul , no matter how badly it is written . It is a piece of writing that usually has figurative language and that is written in separate lines that often have a repeated rhythm and sometime rhyme . Some poems rhyme some don’t , they sound better and flow better when they do rhyme . Modern poems don’t have to rhyme anymore . A poem must touch the heart of someone and be meaningful .

Mental health and using writing as an outlet for illness.

Almost half of the total population experienced a mental health condition at some point in their lifetime. People suffering from a mental health condition can experience significant distress and disability , individual’s ability to relate with their family , friends , work-mates and broader community is affected by their mental health. Mental health it’s an expression we use everyday and often the term mental health is frequently misunderstood .

Mental health is often used as a substitute for mental health condition – such as depression , anxiety conditions , schizophrenia and so much more. People find it difficult talking to someone with a mental health issue. That’s because of fear , stigma and simply not knowing what to say . Many of us worry about saying the wrong thing to someone with a mental health problem . Many of our loved ones don’t want to discuss their mental issues with us , but it is important they know how much we care and love them and they don’t have to avoid the subject . It’s not always easy to tell if someone has a mental illness but if anyone has any concern about their loved one they should raise their concern with them, even thought their loved one might deny that there’s a problem and refuses to get help .

Experiencing a mental health problem is often very upsetting and frightening at first , if the person becomes unwell he/she thinks that it’s a sign of weakness or that they’re losing their mind and it’s going to get worse . They’re scared of been seen as mad by other people and they’re afraid of being locked up in a institution . These fears are often reinforced by the way that health problems are shown on TV , films and by the media . These fears may stops the sufferer from talking about the problem that they’re experiencing or seeking help and is likely to increase distress and sense of isolation . In reality mental health problems are common human experience and it could happen to anyone at anytime .

Some people think that people with a mental health problem are dangerous to others. There’s no significant link to violent behavior and people living with a mental health problem who commit a violent crime is extremely small . There are lots of reasons someone might commit a violent crime ,factors like drugs and alcohol . But many people are still worried about talking about how they’re feeling because of the fear and stigma of being seen as dangerous . Stigma isolates people. People often find it hard to tell others about a mental health problem they have , because they fear a negative reaction . And when they do speak up , the majority say they’re misunderstood by family members , ignored by friend and neighbours . Stigma excludes people from day-to-day activities , like going shopping , holiday or just joining a club.

Discrimination against people with mental health problems is widespread . It’s a good idea for people that suffer with a mental health problem to keep a diary and write down what they’re feeling . This is called journaling for Mental Health. People that struggle with stress, depression , or anxiety keeping a journal helps to gain control of their emotions and improve mental health . It probably feels good to get all of those thoughts and emotions out of their heads and down on paper . One of the ways to deal with any overwhelming emotions is to find a healthy outlet in wich to express themselves .My son suffered major mental health problems , one day he decided to write about his suffering and struggles . My son got lost and found his way back . During those dark times his writing was his comfort zone that leads him back to sanity . He choose his bedroom to do that where he wouldn’t be disturbed by anyone and he felt safe.

The topics and struggles of the 33 poems in ” Tapestries of Life’s Poetries”

Drug abuse and mental illness affects people’s lives , including relationships , career , health , psychological battles , and thought disorders , it reduces the ability to think clearly and to behave in a proper manner. People with a mental illness have difficulty concentrating , following conversations or even remembering things. They feel broken and alone and depressed all the time. They think that things are happening but they’re not . They believe they’ve been watched or followed by someone . Some of them even think they have special abilities or powers. They see things that aren’t actually there , hearing people talk , thinking that they’re plotting something against them . They experience smelling things, everything they eat tastes different and sometime they say the food has gone off, and they actually throw it away . These feelings can be quite intense. At times they’re laughing at some sad news other times they cry for no particular reason or become angry and agitated without cause . It is an everyday struggle with everything they do even taking a shower or brushing their teeth . They disconnect themselves from the family and spend most of their time alone in their room, they don’t want you to talk to them , it is even hard to get them to have a meal together with the family and often they even eat in their room .

My son’s life was turned up side down and struggling everyday. He was experiencing nightmares as well , he had dreams of Armageddon . He had dreams of people being cut open and their organs were for sale . He had dreams of Devils attacking him with fire . Night after night of hallucinating and bad dreams Devils stars appear before him . He said to himself , only one force can save me , and that’s God ! God I beg that you help me .